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30 Sep 30 Sep 2009 Comments Off

As anything in Magento adding a new language is something that requires viagra pills australia a certain procedure which we will explain right now and for future reference.

Follow these easy viagra mail order uk steps and enjoy your multilingual site:

1. Download the desired translation thru Magento connect via admin.
2. Once installed Go to: System -> Manage Stores -> Create store view. Enter the data and save.
3. Now go to: Configuration -> Current Configuration Scope (Select your language from the dropdown) and on the right side under “Locale options” choose …

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29 Sep 29 Sep 2009 1Comment

If you already performed some Magento research, you will know that it is built on a fully modular model that gives great scalability and flexibility for your store. While creating cheap viagra in us a theme, you are provided with many content blocks that you can place in structural blocks. If you are not sure what they are, please read Designer’s Guide to Magento first. Magento provides few structural blocks by default and many content blocks. This article tells what needs to be in place to create new structural block.
What …

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28 Sep 28 Sep 2009 Comments Off

Category toolbar has many options. By default is shows how many where can i buy viagra items are in the category, you can choose how many products you wish to be displayed per page, you can change the listing type (List or Grid) and you may choose Sort Order. This “Sort Order” can be confusing. The default “Sort Order” is “Best Value”. What does it mean? How is the Best value determined? Can we change the default sort order?

What is “Best Value” filed?
When you go to Category page in …

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3 Sep 3 Sep 2009 Comments Off

Magento comes packed with a lot of options. But no matter how many options you put into some product you can never cover all of them. One of such options (for now) is a color switcher in Magento. To be more precise, an image switcher based on color selection.
Recently I’ve made a screencast on my site on this subject, with somewhat different title. The idea is to have a dropdown box from which you choose a color and based on the color selection product image changes. All of this is …

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28 Jul 28 Jul 2009 1Comment

Improving Magento performance is at the top of the list for most professional Magento developers. There’s no doubt that enhancing the speed at which Magento performs can only be good for business.
One of the most important enhancements you can make to your Magento installation is to properly configure your MySQL database server.
A proper MySQL configuration requires a low level understanding of your underlying hardware and, primarily, the memory (RAM) available.
There is one specific MySQL configuration parameter above all others that will produce significant performance improvements and takes very little understanding …

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28 Jul 28 Jul 2009 2Comment

One of the drawbacks of Magento is currently its speed if default configuration is used. There are certain ways of making it run faster. The best one is to enable GZip compression by changing .htaccess file a little. You just need to uncomment part of the code. In my case, the speed increase was exactly 235%.

Find the following lines in your Magento .htaccess file and replace them with the following code.
## enable apache served files compression
## http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html#gzip
# Insert filter
SetOutputFilter DEFLATE
# Netscape 4.x has some problems…
BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4 gzip-only-text/html
# Netscape 4.06-4.08 …

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26 Jul 26 Jul 2009 1Comment

Magento main menu is construed based on the hierarchy like,
Root Category → Category → Sub-Category
We will customise the menu to show the Products of a category/su-bcategory along with its hierarchy in dropdown menu as seen below.

This is a good feature if you have less products in a website.
In order to implement the above structure, we need to modify the navigation.php file of drawItem() function like below. The navigation.php is available in the following location,
The code is,

<code>Public function drawItem($category, $level=0, $last=false){
$html = "";
if (!$category->getIsActive()) {
return $html;
$children = $category->getChildren();
$hasChildren = $children …

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26 Jul 26 Jul 2009 2Comment

Look for the top.phtml corresponding to your menu.
You can find the top.phtml files using SSH female viagra sildenafil shell with this command.
Come to buy anabolic steroids the app/ folder
find -name top.phtml


From above you should be able to locate your themes top.phtml
now edit the top.phtml
nano design/frontend/default/modern/template/catalog/navigation/top.phtml

<ul id=”nav”>
<li><a href=”<?php echo $this->getUrl(”)?>”><?php echo $this->__(’Home’) ?></a></li>

<?php foreach ($this->getStoreCategories() as $_category): ?>
<?php echo $this->drawItem($_category) ?>
<?php endforeach ?>

<li><a href=”<?php echo $this->getUrl(’about-magento-demo-store’)?>”><?php echo $this->__(’About Us’) ?></a></li>


I have added http://www.phpaide.com/?langue=en two links “Home” and “About Us” in the above code (colored yellow)

Not happy with where your site shows …

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23 Jul 23 Jul 2009 3Comment

Here are 3 quick solutions to try if you do not see your Magento store categories after a fresh install of Magento or an upgrade to the latest version. I wanted to post this because I just recently helped install Magento for someone and experienced this. The installation version was the latest Magento version, and product categories did not show up on the frontend after they were added in the administration interface.
The top 3 solutions to this in my experience are:

The categories not added as sub-categories of the Default, …

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23 Jul 23 Jul 2009 Comments Off

This is quite a common want, so I thought I would put together a quick tutorial with some ideas and pointers. My main goal will be to give you a starting point for building a static block and PHTML file that can be applied to top level categories to dynamically create a block with of all the subcategories.
The first thing to do is create a new static block (CMS → Static Blocks), lets call it ‘Dynamic Landing Pages’. Within the content paste this:
{{block type=”catalog/navigation” name=”catalog.category” template=”catalog/category/list.phtml”}}
If you’ve not seen …

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