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23 May 23 May 2009 6Comment

FreeCMS frontend feature is FREE for you
You can download it here:
Installation Guide
Just copy /app to root of magento folder. That all you need.
User Guide
To show static block on your frontend, go to Admin/CMS/Static Blocks,  create static block with follow identifier:
Note that you should select appropriate website that you want to show. This support any HTML content.
Why fullversion?

Fullversion support to show static blocks on only catalog or product pages.
Fullversion support to show static blocks on online casinos customer account/shopping cart/checkout pages.
Fullversion support backend management with defined position. Very easy to …

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22 May 22 May 2009 8Comment
Free CMS/Block Module for Magento – v2.0

(Version 2.0 Released)
Free CMS/Block is a powerful magento extension that provide dynamic block solution. Free CMS allow to put any HTML content to any position on Magento site. You can put text, banner, advertisement, images, flash, music, video, product…
1. Easy to use with admin backend management
2. Allow to display block anywhere with 10 predefined position
3. Allow to specify a store view/website/store
4. Allow to enable/disable any block
5. Allow to specify category to display
6. Allow to specify product to display
7. Suppor full HTML content (Text, Banner, Advertisement, Images, Flash, Music, Video, Product…)
8. …

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