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eCommerce/Magento Site Development Process

Our Process

You We Time Framee
1. Give us your requirement 2. Estimate the price & time frame 1-3 days
3. Confirm the quote 4. Design the webshop 7-10 days
5. Approve the design 6. Installation / configuration Magento 1-2 days
7. Review installation 8. Create / install Magento theme 7-10 days
9. Review the theme 10. Develop / customize functionality 3-15 days
11. Review the functionality 12. Intergrate payment / shipping 1-2 days
13. Review the payment / shipping 14. Migrate / initialize static page, categories, products 2-7 days
15. Review the data 16. Hand over full control of live site 1 day
17. Sell products and get your money 18. Maintain your site

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  • Bellen said:


    My company would like to setup an ecommerce store with magento as the platform. The look and feel we want is similar to topshop.com, except with a more feminine design. Please drop us an email with links to some of your portfolio for ecommerce sites and package rates if any.