How to do basic technical SEO for Magento

1. General Configuration
Magento is one of the most search engine friendly e-commerce platforms straight out of the box, but there are several known issues that can be taken care of to optimize your Magento SEO. The first step is to get the most recent release. Then, to get started, enable Server URL rewrites. You will find this setting under System => Configuration => Web => Search Engines Optimization. Another good thing to configure now you are on this screen is “Add store Code to Urls” under “Url Options”. In most …

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22 Oct 22 Oct 2009 1Comment

Many of us who started experimenting with this interface and tried to place various values for Base URL, came to a dead end where Magento breaks.  Usually, we get Internal Server Error 500 with each page load. The problem lies in the fact that we can no longer open the Magento administration to correct the error. What needs to be done in such a scenario?
One of our clients wrote me a message today:
I have put in a bad spot. I changed the base URL to {{base_URL}} and now im …

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20 Oct 20 Oct 2009 Comments Off

Recently we were working on speeding up parts of client site which had usual problem of slow page loading caused by complicated configurable products. To solve the problem we were experimenting with extending core Magento caching capabilities.
Magento has built in predifined system of block output caching. Its block abstract has Zend_Cache caching capabilities that can be modified for your own needs. I’m showing here an example of caching whole product view block, however this is just a specific example

of how things works, problems are different and requires different approach …

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19 Oct 19 Oct 2009 1Comment

Since transactional emails are very important for the process of online shopping you need to have them set up just the you want them and the default templates just don’t cut it. You need your own logo, email data and custom verbiage to be consistent with the image of your company.

Here how it’s done :
1. Creating custom transactional e-mails via Admin
a) In the admin panel of your magento installation go to:  System->Transactional Emails
You’ll be presented with a list of default emails.  You’ll need to create a custom email so the only way …

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19 Oct 19 Oct 2009 Comments Off

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17 Oct 17 Oct 2009 1Comment

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