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25 Nov 25 Nov 2014 Comments Off

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15 Oct 15 Oct 2009 Comments Off

This post describes how

Magento navigation works. I hope it will help you.
The begining of all is in template file: “category/navigation/top.phtml”

<ul id="nav">
< ?php
foreach ($this->getStoreCategories() as $_category): ?>
< ?php
echo $this->drawItem($_category);
< ?php endforeach ?>

There we call the method from class Mage_Catalog_Block_Navigation $this->getStoreCategories(). This method returns the array $_nodes from object Varien_Data_Tree_Node_Collection.
This array contains objects of Varien_Data_Tree_Node.
Every node is object of Varien_Data_Tree_Node and it is extension from Varien_Object.
Example 1:
If we

wish to see how much categories we have, we can do it with method showed below:

< ?php
echo $this->getStoreCategories()->count();

We will get only number …

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10 Oct 10 Oct 2009 1Comment

Many people wonder why sometimes the SID part appears in their Magento URLs. This is when your URL has additional SID query usually at the end. Take a look at the image. The curiosity is that it does not appear always. What is the most common scenario it happens? You didn’t access the site with the same domain variant you entered as your “Base URL” in your System> Configuration> Web interface.
When you decide to launch the site, you have to decide whether you will market http://www.domain.com/ URL or http://domain.com/. This …

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28 Sep 28 Sep 2009 4Comment

Hi everyone. I wrote this little plugin while working on one of our projects. If you know your way around WordPress then you know what $wpdb variable stands for. Imagine the following scenario. You have WordPress installation on one database, Magento on another. You know your way around SQL. You can always make new object based on WPDB class inside your template files giving where to get viagra cheap it database access parameters, or you can use this plugin and use $MAGEDB the same way you use $wpdb.
Below is

a …

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25 Sep 25 Sep 2009 Comments Off


With themes based off the Modern Theme, product information tabs are buried under JavaScript. This is awful for SEO. Converting these to CSS allows the Search Engines to index more information on the product pages. This article will tell you how to do that and improve the Search Engine friendliness of your Magento site!

About the Author:

CoolBlueLogo is generic cialis viagra a Promotional Product Ecommerce site. Helping marketing professionals achieve success with their incentive and customer loyalty campaigns. CoolBlueLogo is Jonathan Martin, he can be reached at jonathan@coolbluelogo.com.
Search engines typically only …

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25 Sep 25 Sep 2009 Comments Off

Adding and removing javascript and css is handled separately within Magento. CSS is added in the usual fashion, where you have a <link rel=”stylesheet”… />. However, any included javascript (unless linked to “by hand” from a theme’s skin) is pulled via a php files which reads through the “js” folder in the root directory (root/js/index.php is responsible for viagra see what it does this).
That is all well and good for Magento. The real question is how we, as developers, add these items when we need them. How you as a …

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16 Sep 16 Sep 2009 Comments Off

One of
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the coolest things in Magento is a form validation, and the way how it’s done. Magento uses Prototype library (which, personlay, I’m not a big fan of) to manage form validation. All you need to do when writing custom form is to assign a valid class names to your input fields. Here is an example of how your custom form might look in order to get use of automatic form validation.

<form name="<em><strong>my-custom-form</strong>" id="my-custom-form" action="" method="post">

<label for="firstname">< ?php echo $this->__(’First name’) ?> <span>*</span></label>
<input id="firstname" name="firstname" />

<label for="lastname">< …

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12 Sep 12 Sep 2009 Comments Off

This is not a comprehensive example buy cipro (I didn’t write out an example of editing the navigation myself … yet) – but I will point out where the files are that you need to edit the top and left navigation.
This is a tad complicated because of the use of javascript in the navigation, but it’s not too bad. It ends up being a bunch of functions which just spits out the proper HTML and javascript to get things going (and some code to retrieve the categories).
First off, the template …

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11 Sep 11 Sep 2009 Comments Off

The items in the footer area are in two different locations. One part is a static block created within the magento admin area (CMS > Static Block). The other part is held in the related .phtml / .php / .xml files within the design files.
First off, the XML files
Here you will find some footer puchase propecia online Cheap canadian propecia reference:

<block type="page/html_footer" name="footer" as="footer" template="page/html/footer.phtml">
<block type="page/switch" name="store_switcher" as="store_switcher" template="page/switch/stores.phtml"/>
<block type="page/template_links" name="footer_links" as="footer_links" template="page/template/links.phtml"/>


<reference name="footer">
<block type="cms/block" name="cms_footer_links" before="footer_links">
The content of this block is taken from the database by its block_id.
You can …

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10 Sep 10 Sep 2009 2Comment

Hi all – Here is my solution to a question I’ve seen asked many times: How to move the cart sidebar into the header area. You can use this technique to move it anywhere. This is not the only way to do this, but it is a useful one.
1) Copy the the block for the cart side bar:

<block type="checkout/cart_sidebar" name="cart_sidebar" template="checkout/cart/sidebar.phtml"/>

//there is also this full code in my version 1.1.3
<block type="checkout/cart_sidebar" name="cart_sidebar" template="checkout/cart/sidebar.phtml" before="-">
<action method="addItemRender"><type>simple</type><block>checkout/cart_item_renderer</block><template>checkout/cart/sidebar/default.phtml</template></action>
<action method="addItemRender"><type>grouped</type><block>checkout/cart_item_renderer_grouped</block><template>checkout/cart/sidebar/default.phtml</template></action>
<action method="addItemRender"><type>configurable</type><block>checkout/cart_item_renderer_configurable</block><template>checkout/cart/sidebar/default.phtml</template></action>

2) Open up app\design\frontend\default\default\layout\page.xml (assuming you are using the default design or didn’t create …

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