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26 Apr 26 Apr 2009 2Comment
Why Asia Connect Group™?

You need a company which can turn your online ideas into reality with the minimum
of fuss and the highest standard?
You need more control over your website and you need to be able to make updates yourself?
You need one company that will manage all your online activities including design, promoted email marketing, consultancy and hosting?
You want to increase sales and enquiries from your website through effective online marketing?
You need fast response for all your web requirements?

Our role is to Sortie au casino en Decembre 2008 act as your online partner and …

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23 Apr 23 Apr 2009 32Comment
After installing magento can't log in to admin panel

Problem Description
While installing magento on xampp version 2.5 you have provided admin username and password. After installation finished you no longer login with your admin account. In fact in the “Log in to Admin Panel” window whenever you provide wrong password/username combination it displays “Invalid Username or Password.” But whenever you provide correct password it does not show anything. Though a new url like
is displayed on the address bar.
Everytime you do this you can”t log in to admin panel.
Cause of the problem
The problem occurs because magneto could not store cookies. …

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