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22 May 22 May 2009 8Comment
Free CMS/Block Module for Magento – v2.0

(Version 2.0 Released)
Free CMS/Block is a powerful magento extension that provide dynamic block solution. Free CMS allow to put any HTML content to any position on Magento site. You can put text, banner, advertisement, images, flash, music, video, product…
1. Easy to use with admin backend management
2. Allow to display block anywhere with 10 predefined position
3. Allow to specify a store view/website/store
4. Allow to enable/disable any block
5. Allow to specify category to display
6. Allow to specify product to display
7. Suppor full HTML content (Text, Banner, Advertisement, Images, Flash, Music, Video, Product…)
8. …

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12 May 12 May 2009 7Comment
Photo Album + Lightbox with Backend Management

This extension allow to create photo album for magento store.
On front end, the user can view albums, select to view album details.

User also can view album with description, view photo thumbnail and see full photo with lightbox.

On backend, admin can add/remove album, add/remove photo for each album. Admin also can add album description that オンライン カジノ support full HTML tag.

Installation is very easy, just copy & ready to run.
Live Demo
Front-end: http://demo.mage-world.com/1301/default/gallery/
At this time, the features of this extension is very basic. Every enhanced features could be implement.

Please click here …

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6 May 6 May 2009 5Comment
Magento MP3 Flash Player with Backend Management

This extension allow to create music album for a product as CD.
On front end, the buyers can listen trial song via the MP3 flash player. The player display an album as a play list, play songs repeatedly and automatically when the buyers view product detail. It also allow the buyers to select stop/play, next/back track, select a specific songs on play list.

On back end, the admin can add/remove songs of product album. This extension support single or double albums online australian casinos for CD products.

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26 Apr 26 Apr 2009 Comments Off
Magento Featured Products

I’ve been working with Magento version 0.8.16100 for a couple days now trying to implement a Featured Product feature.  The Featured Product is a product with an attribute I added from the admin.  When the administrator selects “Yes” in the “Featured” attribute, that product will be displayed in a content block.
I’ll explain each step I took to make this custom feature.  Please forgive me if I left anything out.  The PHP itself I would like to rewrite to be more… professional, but I couldn’t figure out how to query a …

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26 Apr 26 Apr 2009 Comments Off
Outsourcing to Vietnam

This article by Andrew Bibby, in a slightly different form, was first published in the Financial Times, 2003
Trieu Nguyen used to teach architecture to university students in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon), Vietnam. These days his workplace is a modern office block near the city’s airport and his days are typically spent checking technical drawings for, say, a new secondary school in the Home Counties or a student accommodation block in south London.
Trieu Nguyen is Technical and Compliance Manager with Atlas Industries, a young company which is intent on persuading …

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23 Apr 23 Apr 2009 32Comment
After installing magento can't log in to admin panel

Problem Description
While installing magento on xampp version 2.5 you have provided admin username and password. After installation finished you no longer login with your admin account. In fact in the “Log in to Admin Panel” window whenever you provide wrong password/username combination it displays “Invalid Username or Password.” But whenever you provide correct password it does not show anything. Though a new url like
is displayed on the address bar.
Everytime you do this you can”t log in to admin panel.
Cause of the problem
The problem occurs because magneto could not store cookies. …

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20 Apr 20 Apr 2009 Comments Off

There are numerous ways to setup multiple Magento stores that all share the same codebase and backend, but what method you use depends on your needs.
This article is written with cPanel in mind, though the methodologies listed below apply no matter what control panel you’re using.
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URL Structure
Shared Hosting Caveat
Adding Another Store In Magento
Parked Domain Method
Addon Domain Method
Subdomain Method
Subdirectory Method
Managing Multiple Stores
Secure Checkout For Each Domain

URL Structure
The actual URL structure of your stores is a matter of personal preference. You can, for example, have two entirely different stores running …

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