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Top 10 Free Magento Extensions/Modules

15 February 2012 No Comment

Magento grows very fast and now there are thousands free extensions. In this artilce I please list top 10 best free magento extension

1. Magento Developer Toolbar

Here is the best extension for magento developer. It allow you access quickly to regular used functions

without logging in to admin.

2. Blog Extension

This Module allow you create categories, artlice as blog. It also allow customer leave comment on article. Support URL friendly.

3.Easy CMS/Block – Free Version

Easy CMS allow to put any HTML content to any position on Magento site. You can cialis online without prescription soft viagra put text, banner, advertisement, images, flash, music, video, product…

4.Exploded menu

Magento default use single column dropdown, with this module you can use multi-column dropdown. It is very good for your website if your website have many categories and subcategories.

5.Magento Easy Lightbox

Here is very simple extension. It is very easy to install and use. The module allow you to show your product image with lightbox jquery effect

Normally before live a site, you make many test order so you maybe want to delete these test order. Magento does not allow to delete them, so you need to use this module to do.

7. Free Quick Contact

Quick Contact allow customers send the feadback to your site in easiest and fastest way. This is FREE version, just check out and download FREE. This extension is developed and supported byMage-World.com.

8. Fooman Speedster

As you know Magento is quite slow and need strong Server to run. However You also can speed up your website by use this module. The module will combining, compressing and caching JS and CSS.

9. Easy Tab

Small and Simple module. It allow you easy to add informational tabs on product page.

10. MT FaceBook

An Social Module. It allow you to  to display Facebook Fanbox, Stream, Recommendations, Activity Feed into Magento Store.viagra canadian scam

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