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Custom Transactional Emails

19 October 2009 One Comment

Custom Transactional Emails

Since transactional emails are very important for the process of online shopping you need to have them set up just the you want them and the default templates just don’t cut it. You need your own logo, email data and custom verbiage to be consistent with the image of your company.

Here how it’s done :

1. Creating custom transactional e-mails via Admin

a) In the admin panel of your magento installation go to:  System->Transactional Emails

You’ll be presented with a list of default emails.  You’ll need to create a custom email so the only way to avoid writing our custom templates from scratch is to use the existing code of the template.
Hint: If you want to see the template before copying, first click on the “Preview” button on the right.

b) To create the new template click on the “Add new template” above the “Transactional Emails” list. This is the part where Magento helps you with the option to load a deafult template for you to customize. Nice feature indeed.

Once you have loaded the deafult template give it a unique name under the “Template name”  input field by adding a prefix of your own but leaving the deafult name as well. Example:  ” mysite :: New account “.

That way you can easily spot them in the long list of default and custom emails.

Afterwards you can easily customize

the verbiage and styling within the “Template subject” and “Template content”.

The “Template content” is the body of the message that the user will recieve upon transaction so be sure to change the E-mail, name of the company etc. You’ll need to upload the logo of your company in the images folder of the skin you’re using.

Once you are done with editing, save the changes and repeat the process for the rest of the email templates.

2. Assigning the templates to different stores and storeviews

Assigning is the easiest part. Just go to the System > order generic viagra Configuration > Sales > Sales Emails and order viagra online select the corresponding template minding the configuration scope.

After you’re done with setting your new templates save the configuration by clicking on the “Save config”.

That’s it. Wise thing to do now would be to check how the emails look when received so make a test purchase to verify everything is the way it should be.

By Željko Prša from Inchoo.net

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  • Halane said:

    I have a magento store with 3 payment methods. I’ve created 3 transactional emails, one for each payment method. Now, I want to assign its corresponding email to each payment method, does anyone know how can I do this?